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      We aim at the future. Qingdao Choho Industrial Co., Ltd, the technology leader of chain system, services for global customers relying on advanced equipment and innovative products.

      The Technology Leader of  Chain System
      Qingdao Choho was found in 1999 and it has been developing at a high speed and healthy way. Now, Choho company has become the state-level R&D center and high-technology enterprise, a leader of automobile chain, and one of the biggest vehicle chain manufacturing basement in the world. Till 2020 Choho company is supplying OEM service for more than 50 companies as HONDA, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, BMW, DACHANGJIANG, GEELY, JIANGLING FORD, FAW, CHANGHE SUZUKI, China South Industries Group etc. Agricultural chains field, Choho cooperates with LOVOL, JINYEE, AGCO, JOHN DEERE, etc more than 20 well-known companies.

      Advanced Technology
      With the mission of supplying high-quality chain with the lifetime same as vehicle’s for global automobile vehicle industry, Choho set up the strongest R&D team in China with the capacity from design calculation and overall arrangement to dynamic simulation and test verification. In cooperation with Jilin university, Choho built up the first automobile engine chain system research institute in China.
      In 2010, the Chinese first high-quality silent chain was born and achieved mass-production in Choho. The technological performance was on top 3 in the world, which replaced the import and broke the international monopoly.
      Now, Choho’s products have reached the international advanced level. Choho undertook a number of major national technology research projects, amended almost 20 national or industry standards, obtained 150 national patents, leading the industry with technological progress.

      Mission-driven Team
      Taking“Transmission of Power, Bearing Trust”as own duty and “king sheep culture” as the core, CHOHO has trained a strong team through the adoption of a series of tools, such like morning meeting, log management, literacy project, teacher culture, champion culture as well as promise culture etc. The high level is of good cohesion, the middle level is of high execution while the basic level is of fighting force.
      This excellent team take the glorious mission, depend on “focus, lean and special” strategic positioning and high-efficiency innovation mechanism, manufacture the most valuable brand, use technology to lead the industry development, provide products of high-quality for global customers.
      Looking forward to the future, Choho, aiming at the future, as the chain transmission technology leader, will contribute to the future world.

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